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Self-help tools

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                                                                                                           SELF-HELP TOOLS/WORKBOOKS

Because we want you to invest in your recovery, your therapist may assign you homework in between sessions to help insure forward momentum.  These are workbooks we

have found incredibly helpful.  Feel free to download--they are a great addition to your therapy.  These are also great workbooks for those who simply want to invest in self-improvement without professional therapy.

Free from Centre For Clinical Interventions   Feel free to explore articles, information and worksheets Generalized anxiety and mindfulness workssheets  Assert Yourself Workbooks  Back From the Blues-Coping With Depression   Building Body Acceptance   Facing Your Feelings    Helping Health Anxiety   Improving Self Esteem   Keeping Your Balance -Bipolar DIsorder  Help   Overcoming Disordered Eating Part A   Overcoming Disordered Eating Part B   Perfectionism in Perspective    Put off Procrastinating    Shy No Longer    What?!Me! Worry?    Panic Stations    Audio Files for meditation   Anger Diary   Anger Warning Signs    Anger Management